MONTAGUT is deeply rooted in French culture and craftsmanship, and as part of our Spring/Summer 2023 launch we are collaborating with Hong Kong creative agency Merakilya. This partnership has seen the release of a capsule collection based on an original illustration whose style is innately Parisian. It tells the story of an idyllic summer’s day in Paris with places and moments in time that speak to the brand’s enduring French elegance.

The romantic designs feature the iconic architecture of Parisian coffee shops and terraces, with tables and chairs displayed on the pavement and the buzz of conversation and activity humming throughout the city. We see an elegant Montagut gentleman on a bicycle pass famous landmarks as he makes his way to the next terrace. In this illustration Merakilya has captured a vibrant scene that celebrates the very best of summer in the city.

Montagut latitude
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