MONTAGUT has been developing and manufacturing fine knitwear since 1880 and woven later on. We have maintained ever since, high standards in the selection of fibers and we take pride in our centennial expertise in producing only the highest quality garments of unparalleled comfort, looks and durability in terms of wear and washing. We strive to create and develop our uniquely styled products using the crème de la crème of French know-how. The MONTAGUT brand watchword is uncompromising customer satisfaction.



MONTAGUT's knitwear is mostly made of cashmere, Merino wool, cotton and silk. Cashmere is the ultimate in luxury and quality, which offers incredible longevity. Its softness and wear become better over time, making it a great investment piece. Merino is lightweight and breathable with a clean, modern finish. These thick knitwear styles certainly keep you warm during the cold seasons. However, in spring/summer, knitwear is also fashionable and wearable. Made of silk and cotton, knitwear is incredibly comfortable in warmer climates because it is very lightweight and versatile.



MONTAGUT is expert in the production of fine gage and fully-fashioned knitwear. Fine gage, as opposed to thick gage, refers to the number of stitches per inch. It is a manufacturing process involving a high number of thin needles that will create a neat and classic piece of knit, ideal for the transitioning between seasons. Fully-fashioned, is a complex knitting process based on the lengthening and shortening technics that avoids cutting fabric “by the yard”, which is a source of warping after washing. Fully-fashioned guarantees stability to shape and dimensions for a long time.